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Fitnek Pillow Review – User Experience

After a tiring workday, all you want is to relax and get some good sleep. Talking about good sleep, a good bed and pillow play a great role in getting a sound sleep. Pillows are the ones that give your head and neck great support, so to have an extraordinary pillow is essential. Let’s see such a pillow review and that is the Fitnek pillow review. As the name suggests it stays fit to the neck.

One of its peculiarities is that it can be used by everyone. Since it is made of elastic TPE and extra soft Denia microfiber, it can hold anyone’s head and ensure their comfort throughout the night.

There are lots of factors that add to the kind of comfort this pillow is able to provide us and one among that it has 1038 triangular pillars making it a flexible structure. It not only can hold unique head shapes but also unique postures, whether you are lying on your back or front.

Thermoplastic elastomer, TPE has the durability of plastic and elasticity of rubber. But it is not like rubber, as it can come back to its original shape once the pressure is relieved and it can withstand heavy stress as well.

Even though TPE is a chemical product, you don’t have to worry whether it has any kind of harmful reactions, because it is a very well stable chemical product. If you want to relate TPE to other daily used products, then it is used in yoga mats, gloves, and even baby bottles.

User Experience on Fitnek Pillow

This pillow is easily washable too. The best about this Fitnek pillow is yet to come and that is it gives you a cooler night throughout, as the gaps between the triangular pillars release body heat quickly. So no more sweaty and hot sleep instead just cool and comfortable sleep only.

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