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Anglereye – Smallest Underwater Cam Review

The most efficient and cost-friendly smallest underwater cam Anglereye is really finding marvelous. In terms of pricing and more than the clarity and the weight, this is really great. However, it can access the connectivity of Wi-fi and your mobile app. Moreover, this is one the biggest, resembles the smallest fish-taking device ever. Technology is so much-loving and this underwater camera is really finding helpful.

Anglereye Underwater Cam Specification

This will find you a playback experience and it renders the clarity of 1920*1080p. Oh, that is super cool and it has a battery backup of 1200mAh. However, it is enabled with the widest angle for capturing even the minimal distortion in the best way.

Angeleye has equipped with a low lux sensor and that will help to attract fish and clips makes more bright even in the night mode. It has enabled with a built-in Microphone and however, it shows you everything and the background voice under the water while fishing or while if you are surfing under the water.

Easily connect with your Mobile device

You are ready to connect with your mobile device with the Wi-Fi facility enabled on this cam. Even it supports waterproof down to 150m and that suits with any kind of fishing rig. Moreover, as said it can connect however easily with the mobile app anywhere and anytime. For the storage, it facilitates 64GB storage for the recording support and it really helps to playback. As its casing is used riot shields and its not get easily damaged and users no need to worries about this.

The one and only and most professional underwater cam ever made is really finding amazing. Most in the case of fishing, this is really good support for the fisherman.  For more updates, make a try this cheap gadget easily available in the market and share your review with us.


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