Biscuit Wireless Charger

Biscuit Wireless Charger Review – Zirconia Wireless Charger

In today’s busy world, when we are running around, what we lack is time. When we say time, that even means the time to charge your phone or any gadgets. Haven’t we often wished that may we never had to charge? Even though that is not possible at present, we can definitely make an easier way to carry a charger. Yes, we definitely have power banks.

It was huge in size earlier and gradually became compact. But unfortunately, even the power banks need charging. So what to do when your phone as well as the power bank ran out of charge? It is in this context we are introducing you to the biscuit wireless charger review.

Biscuit Wireless Charger Review in detail

To start with the review, we definitely have to appreciate its compact, sleek and stylish appearance. The same qualities make it perfect to carry around wherever you go and use it without any difficulty. It can definitely be considered to be the future of charging technology.

To mention the materials used in the making of Biscuit, it is made of zirconia (zirconium dioxide), which is lasts a lifetime. It is known to be one of the hardest materials and it is used in high-end watches for exclusivity, quality, and scratch resistance, other than industrial and aerospace processing.

Zirconia is twice as dense as aluminum and harder than stainless steel. So that pretty much sums up the quality and durability of Biscuit.

Biscuit comes in three cool colors. One is the panda, which comes in a black silicone pad and white body, cool grey comes in a white silicone pad and grey body color, and graphite which is a completely black one. Biscuit comes as a 15-watt wireless charger. Hope this biscuit wireless charger review helps you to have a compact and stylish charger to carry around.

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